Welcome to Tega Marketing (PTY) Ltd, established in 1996 and is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Is a chemical company specializing in very specific markets,namely, Rapid Diagnostic test kits for Food and Feeds, On farm testing solutions for the Dairy industry such as Rapid test strips for sub-Clinical Ketosis, SCC and Udder health , on site NIR analysis and Precision feeding , and also testing equipment for the dairy industry such as Milk Analysing units. We also export chemicals to West Africa for the Dry cell battery markets and the glass industry.  We understand the growing needs of the African market and consistently seek to develop steady and reliable supply chains, establishing long-term relationships with our suppliers and customers.  We will publish some of the latest developments at our dynamic company and new letters from our principals, keeping you up to date.


Safer foods and feeds through Innovation

Bioeasy Milk Safety

For centuries, pure fresh milk has been recognized as a healthy source for important nutrients.

Today, throughout the world, there are more than six billion consumers of milk and milk products.

The safety of milk is therefore an obligation that should be taken seriously.

Antibiotic residues in milk are a concern to human health as residues can promote antibiotic resistancein pathogenic bacteria and cause allergy and hypersensitivity in humans and pose a major problem to the dairy industry as antibiotics residues inhibit or slow down starter cultures in Yogurt and cheese making possibly resulting in major losses to the industry. Bioeasy kits can help in early detection before off loading  trucks at the dairy. This will minimize the large amounts of milk being discarded and  help maximize the cost efficiencies . all the while it is an important step in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

Working as a partner with farmers and processors, Bioeasy has kept pace with the global testing requirements of the industry to ensure that milk and dairy products are among the world’s safest


2017 Immunolab

Products for Food Analysis Safety

The established Food Analysis kits of Immunolab provide high-sensitive determinations of AllergensAntibioticsHormonesMycotoxinsVitamin and Histamine in food, feed and their raw materials.

Besides multiple ELISA kits we also offer immunoaffinity columns. Their intended use is the purification and concentration of samples as a preparation for subsequent analytical detection methods (e.g. HPLC, mass spectroscopy, ELISA)

2017 SCC Lactoscan

LACTOSCAN SCC is based on fluorescent microscope technique of counting cells. Thanks to the fluorescent dye, LED optics and CCD filming Technologies, the analysis of the milk is precise, reliable and fast.

The analysis is being conducted during a period between 10 seconds and 2 minutes and the duration depends on the number of filmed fields. The system of LACTOSCAN SCC is focusing automatically on the CHIP and the dyed cells are filmed by the sensitive CCD camera. This algorithm of analysis of digital images determines the number of the fluorescent cells and counts their concentration and size.

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* BioEasy test kits have arrived in South Africa, for more information or demonstrations , please contact me.

* Lactoscan SCC unit has arrived for more details or demonstrations please contact me –        Gary  Cell – 0836284312, we are also please to introduce the Cell Counter for the  Brewery and bakery industries to determine the yeast count

Finally, TEGA would like to wish all our valued clients and suppliers very best wishes over the festive season and a prosperous 2019