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.The established Food Analytic test kits of Immunolab provide a high-sensitive detection of residues, constituents and microbio­logical contaminants in food and feed.

Our kits enable a reliable and economical detection of numerous analytes listed below:

Besides multiple ELISA kits we offer immunoaffinity columns (IAC) which are used for the purification and concentration of samples as preparation for subsequent analytical tests (e.g. HPLC, ELISA)


  1. LACTOSCAN are world leaders in the latest ultrasound technologies
  2. LACTOSCAN milk analyzers measure directly cold milk samples starting at 5°C;
  3. there is no need of analyzer’s periodical calibration;
  4. the measurement accuracy of milk analyzers is not dependent on milk’s acidity;
  5. LACTOSCAN milk analyzers analyse any kind of milk
  6. LACTOSCAN,  as also have the state of the art Somatic Cell Count Units  which detects sub-clinical mastitis


ICL, a global manufacturer of products based on unique minerals, fulfills humanity’s essential needs, primarily in three markets: agriculture, food and engineered materials.




Our company mission is to market affordable, easy to use, on-farm tests for the dairy industry, thereby enabling dairy producers to improve milk quality and manage herd health. PortaCheck is a leader in on-farm testing in the agricultural sector, with a full line of products to assist producers in making management decisions and improving animal welfare.


Dralon manufactures acrylic fibres for bedspreads, parasols baby wear, sportswear and work clothes dralon® as a dry-spun acrylic fiber is unrivaled in the market. Dralon GmbH with its German locations Dormagen and Lingen is an internationally renowned producer of acrylic fiber.

Consistently high quality and reliable service and delivery have enabled dralon® to remain a leader among acrylic fiber producers even under ever-increasing competition.



Our innovative approach

to optimize milk yield and herd health while reducing feed costs.
Improving feeding efficiency and farm profitability is a challenge of
every farmer and producer. However, for the first time, feed
management technologies enable farmers to achieve a quantum leap
forward in their performance by using Precision FEEDING and
NIR systems developed by Dinamica Generale. 
All farms can now optimize the feeding process, manage ingredients,
preparing homogenous TMR to increase milk quality, improve animal
health and provide high quality and safe product to consumers.